Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Software

“The image and efficiency of our customer service is at the highest level yet because of TCN’s Call Distribution, with its highly responsive routing capabilities. TCN gives us the right resource, at the right time, every time!”

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) routes calls to the best agent based on agent Skills, and TCN uses the most sophisticated ACD Cloud-based software in the industry. This allows for the next call in queue to be sent to the Agent most qualified based on customer needs, business objectives, and conditions of your call center. Using IVR templates, agents can receive appropriately routed calls based on agent strengths.

TCN’s routing capabilities provide centralized operations even with a decentralized workforce. Whether you have one call center or operations world-wide, TCN locates the best agent wherever they are, with the optimal skills needed. All agents need is an Internet connection, headset, and a computer. And from any location supervisors have real-time visibility into agents’ status and full control over quality and performance.

How ACD Works, In a Nutshell

  • TCN’s ACD Technology – Built into a cloud-based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), which distributes incoming calls to a specific group of agents based on customer need, type, and agent skill set.
  • ACD In The Cloud – The system is software based, which eliminates the need for new hardware or phone lines.
  • ACD Algorithms – The routing is accomplished using an algorithm that solicits data from customer to ascertain the reason for the call, and matches it with relevant data on the agent’s PCs via “screen pop”.
  • ACD Protocol – TCN’s ACD protocols allow multiple locations to be treated as one virtual call center, with real-time sharing of historical statistical information.

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