Call Centers + Business Intelligence

Connect To Your Call Center In A Whole New Way

Introducing TCN’s Business Intelligence

TCN Business Intelligence provides direct access to dynamic click-configurable business insights, metrics, charts, and graphs that measure, compare, prescribe, and predict call center performance through intuitive and customizable dashboards. Compare any number of data categories such as country, state, area code, agent, inbound, outbound, manual, time-of-day, as well as any number of TCN or user defined categories. The possibilities are unlimited. All this paired with the most efficient call center technology available.

Benefits of TCN Business Intelligence

No More Spreadsheets

You need data, fast. TCN takes the guesswork out and makes it easy to analyze your whole call center at the source, with intuitive dashboards and customizable charts.

  • Timeliness of deliverables including new requests
  • Accuracy of deliverables
  • Professionalism of deliverables

Performance Metrics and Strategy

Streamlined reporting, real-time access to data, and faster custom reports. Visually explore relevant data and get insights in seconds, find new call patterns and trends and stay ahead of the curve. We understand the industry and can provide superior context without exporting your data.

  • Strategic evaluation and execution
  • Agent performance
  • Client and company deliverables

Let Us Help You Make Informed Decisions on Key Metrics

  • Cost Forecasting
  • Employee Forecasting
  • Agent Productivity and Performance
  • Overall Call Center Performance

Learning and visualizing your data will help your call center make sound decisions based on the facts.


Use ours, build your own, or both. Choose from a number of prebuilt templates and default dashboards based on best call center practices and common use metrics such as:

  • Agent Overview
  • Manual Calls
  • Inbound Calls
  • Outbound Calls
  • Cost Summaries and Totals
  • Call Center Overview

Save, manipulate, and customize your dashboards based on specific needs of your call center.

Click or call today for a free demo and let us help you transform your Contact Center.

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