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Let us help you stay current with changing laws and regulations. With innovative features TCN can help you dial within the TCPA and CFPB regulation.

Keeping up with recent developments involving TCPA and CFPB, TCN is pleased to deliver additional services that help meet the requests of our clients. These services include: Manual Dialing Only Platform, Manually Approved Calling, Cell Phone Scrub, and IP Address Lock-Down.

  • Manual Dial Only Platform – Capable of placing calls only if agent chooses. This dialing mode does not have the ability to dial without human intervention and comes with call recording and agent efficiency tools.
  • Manually Approved Calling – Allow a subset of agents to review and approve calls for other agents. With Manually Approved Calling (MAC), agents are presented with 3rd party contact information, in the same format that it will appear on the agent screen during the actual call. The agent then simply presses the “Approve” button to add it to the call queue, or “Reject” to cancel the call.
  • Cell Phone Scrub – Quickly identify and cancel calls to cell phones and ported numbers. This service comes standard with our Outbound calling.
  • Call Recording – Record all agent conversations. You can even pause and interrupt call recordings to ensure customer privacy and legal compliance.
  • IP Address Lock-Down – Add additional security to your management or agent accounts. With IP Address Lock-Down you can restrict where individuals can access information. Adding offsite or satellite offices is easy.

These features and others can be configured in your TCN account.

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