Platform 3.0

“With TCN, time consuming activities such as looking up accounts, dialing, and leaving messages, are all automated.”
RSI Enterprises

The Most Advanced Hosted Contact Center Suite, Ever

TCN’s Platform 3.0 is the industry leader with its comprehensive array of advanced cloud-based Inbound, Outbound, and Blended solutions.

Inbound Outbound Blended Predictive Dialing Manual Dial Only Caller DID Call Recording Agent Transfer Agent Dashboard Agent Triggers Manager Barge In Cell Phone Scrub

Need to modify individual campaigns or track agent performance? No problem. The Platform 3 Gateway is intuitive, customizable, and fully equipped to deliver more efficient dialing than ever before. And because TCN’s data centers are located with Tier-One Telco providers, we are able to provide new cutting edge features faster. Your company is no longer bound by time, physical distance, complicated software installations, or inconvenient management delays. In short, TCN provides service that is not only quality, but quality on demand.

How It Works

TCN’s Platform 3 seamlessly integrates with CRM’s, collections software, and other software tools to simplify account updating, utilizing our easy API tools. Web-based voice features and services revolutionize the complications of call lists, busy signals, and uninterested parties, leaving professional recordings with customers and merging necessary data into individual messages that give customers options to pay via phone or an internet portal. Other recorded features include the option for customers to speak with an agent immediately. These calls are then automatically routed to the most skilled agent available.

With these Platform 3 tools and features, combined with a pay-per-minute model you’ll have all you need to maximize agent productivity and increase your company’s profits.

When compared with the competition—in a head-to-head challenge—TCN is the clear choice

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  • Revolutionary Platform 3 Technology
  • Contract-free billing
  • 24/7 Client-driven Support

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“As a small business every dollar counts… TCN provides us the absolute best system at the best price.”
National Bureau Collection Corp.

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